Dr. Hicran Kazancı Dr. Hicran Kazancı


15 January 2022

The 16th of January 1980 is the date when the former Iraqi regime executed Assistant Professor Necdet Koçak, Retired Colonel Abdullah Abdurrahman and businessman Adil Şerif and scientist Rıza Demirci, the unforgettable heroes of the national cause of the Turkmen.

We miss and commemorate our martyred Turkmen leaders with mercy on the 42th anniversary of this history of bloodshed. Koçak, Abdurrahman, Şerif, and Demirci were noble people who made a great contribution to our cause and struggled to protect the national identities and the rights of the Turkmen.

One of our leaders  Assistant Professor Necdet Koçak had an exceptional personality and an esteemed community leader who was executed without cause by the intimidation policies of the Baath party carried out against the Turkmen. Assistant Professor Necdet Koçak who was closely affiliated with his nation and cause spent his life protecting the national identity of the Turkmen and in gaining political and cultural rights.

Although 42 years have gone by the pain and sadness in our hearts for our martyrs has not changed.

The execution of the greatest personalities of Iraqi Turks plunged the Turkmen community into endless pain and sorrow. However, history has shown us that national causes can only be won if they are undertaken by those who do not hesitate to die for it.

We carry the banner handed over to us by our leaders with honor. We salute these noble people with mercy and gratitude. The Turkmen community will never forget them.

Once again we commemorate our martyrs with mercy and gratitude and promise that we will carry the banner they handed over to us with honor.

May their souls rest in peace.


Dr: Hicran Kazancı