Dr. Hicran Kazancı Dr. Hicran Kazancı

The Iraqi Turkmen Must Adjust To The New Process

17 April 2021
The Iraqi Turkmen Must Adjust To The New Process

The politics of every nation should be directed at targets, which comply with their own national interests. The tools necessary to achieve these targets should be selected realistically. Unrealistic tools will not only fail to reach the target but will also evoke a sense of failure.

Although the interests of nations or national groups may coincide their ways of achieving these goals are usually different. This is why the policies of nations do not exactly match. However, they may cooperate to achieve common interests.

Difference and contrast from time to time is inherent in the nature of the needs and interests of groups and even nations. However, it is also important to create a competitor out of an enemy, it is also inherent in the nature of international relations to create a partner in a problem into a partner in the solution. High politics is generated with intelligence and strategic finesse. Politics based on emotion and derived from contrasts is ideological and conflicting. In the long term, there are no winners. It depletes its constituents and resources.

It is important not to be submissive or act on an illusion of permanent friendship when generating a policy, the policy must be generated with a view on national interests, needs and expectations. There are parties which are in opposition from time to time and which cooperate from time to time. Their positions may change within time. What is important is to be able to establish life-long partners out of opponents with whom cooperation is made. This requires incontrovertible politics (realistic politics) and competent politicians to design and apply them.

Turkmeneli needs this style of politics and politicians. For us Turkmen, there are four power centers. In order to enhance our security, our interests and the quality of our daily lives we are obliged to pursue a rational policy in the Arbil-Suleymaniyah-Baghdad-Ankara quadrilateral. We must develop positive relations with these centers as well as contribute to the development of good relations between these power centers among themselves. Our choices and the steps we take must ensure that this quadrangle is stable and cooperative. Peace and cooperation in our region is vital for the security, welfare, and its increasing impact for us Turkmen.

We know that neither peace nor stability establish themselves on their own. They must be built or established. We Turkmen should be ready to undertake a role in building peace and stability in Iraq. This way we can contribute to our own nation, as well as to the land we live on and Turkey with which we have an emotional affinity.

The Iraqi Turkmen also need to establish a common consciousness and strategy. We cannot say that this has been realized to date. What needs to be done is this: In a short time women and men from various organized Iraqi Turkmen groups (tribal, political party, professional groups, etc.) should be selected to establish a group/council/assembly of REASONABLE PEOPLE and common problems would be presented to this group and the national Turkmen policy would be established with the resolutions promulgated by this platform. If this can be achieved then we will have succeeded to achieve three things: 1- we will achieve solidarity among ourselves; 2- we will find common solutions to common problems; 3- we will be much stronger facing others and be able to act as a united nation instead of a dispersed community.