Dr. Hicran Kazancı Dr. Hicran Kazancı

The Exit Strategy of Iraqi Turkmens

10 June 2021
The Exit Strategy of Iraqi Turkmens

It is necessary to look at the foundation the Iraqi Turkmen are standing on in Iraq’s political equation today. If the foundation it faultless then there is nothing to criticize, but if not, then we are obliged to face the mistakes we made in the recent past. The foundation and place where the Turkmen stand today is not correct. The place of the Turkmen today is not the place they deserve. There are two reasons for this; the political developments in Iraq are an important dimension because the Turkmen are a significant part of Iraq and separating the Turkmen from Iraq and making an analysis would be very wrong. When conditions in Iraq normalize and when democracy is fully established, the Turkmen will be in the mainframe

The Iraqi Turkmen society must be able to eliminate domestic and foreign threads it may confront by using the national power elements. But in order to do so, both the features of those national power elements and the situation must be properly analyzed. National targets must comply with the existential incentives of society and must serve national interests. They can not involve any emotionality or enthusiasm. Above all, the national targets must be achieved with the participation of the society but not in defiance of them.

 The Turkmeneli region has suffered great damage in terms of structural and social perspectives. Hundreds of thousands of people have been deported and imprisoned. The Iraqi government has not taken any serious steps to date. Türkmeneli is still experiencing security, economic and political problems. It has become essential for the Turkmen Political and Civilian Organizations to examine these issues urgently from all aspects and to defend them on the international arena.

  The confusion of the political environment, the ambiguity of the strategic targets, and the long-term policies of the daily events have led society to insecurity, weakened the political power of the political wing, and led to the use of the Turkmen political arena by other parties. There is a need for a higher level that can make a situation assessment, accommodate diversity and enrich it and regain the confidence of society.  

 It has become absolutely necessary to re-establish a strong, embracing, balanced, and respectable Turkmen Assembly that can guide all social groups and political fractions in terms of national studies which can protect the long-term targets of Turkmeneli and bond the political wings with society.


Dr. Hicran Kazancı

Iraqi Turkmen Front