War crimes and crimes against humanity

20 November 2020 14:33
 War crimes and crimes against humanity

Certain biased members of the Dutch Parliament once again showed the ugly persistent face of European racism, ethnocentrism and islamophobia with a recent adoption of five pro-Armenian resolutions on recent events in Nagorno Karabagh.
Unsubstantiated and clearly politically motivated claims of these resolutions will not change international law, which undisputedly supports Azerbaijan’s sovereign rights to protect its territorial integrity and its people against a foreign aggressor, Armenia.
The legal actions in line with the United Nations conventions of two great leaders of brotherly nations Turkey and Azerbaijan will not be stained by the irresponsible calls of one sided sanctions by politically motivated members of the Dutch Parliament.
Any parliamentary resolution devoid of recognising;
- Azerbaijani sovereignty on its own land,
- Heavy suffering of more than a million citizens of Azerbaijan for the last 30 years,
- Recent relentless cowardly attacks of the separatist Armenian terrorists and Armenia’s military on the civilians using illegitimate ammunition,
- Basic international law and relevant United Nations decisions
is clearly null and void in the eyes of the brotherly people of Turkey and Azerbaijan.   
The Dutch Parliament cannot clear its heavy conscience stemming from the Netherland’s inhuman continuous massacres in past colonies, as well as its court mandated liability in the genocide of Srebrenica, by trying to push forward politically motivated illegal sanctions on two world leaders.
The whole world has closely followed the recent developments in the conflict of Nagorno Karabagh. Armenia and the supporters of its heinous war crimes will soon face the legal consequences of these actions in criminal courts in line with international law. Parliamentarians who vote for these resolutions right now will be partners in these war crimes and crimes against humanity tomorrow! Biased calls for sanctions based on racist animosity against Turkey and Azerbaijan will not change who is right and who is wrong!

Turkey Azerbaijan Friendship, Cooperation and Solidarity Foundation President 
Prof. Dr. Aygün Attar 🇦🇿🇹🇷