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Invasion of Cyprus by Greece

15 July 2016

Accusing Turkey by invading Cyprus does not reflect the truth. Actually according to the international laws and item 4 of Addendum 1 to the Constitution of Republic of Cyprus gives the right to Turkey to intervene in case if the statue of the Republic changes. What Turkey did on July 20, 1974 was absolutely legal.

But no body and none of the text books mention the invasion of Cyprus by Greece illegally from January 1964 to December 1967.

The period between 1964 to 1974, called as "Dark Ages" by the Turkish Cypriots after the genocide they were faced with exerted by the Greek Cypriots.

Any documentation, book, novel, text book or anything written in any form mentioning, including or containing any information about these "Dark Ages" were successfully and ingeniously extinguished by the Cyprus Greek Government and local Greek authorities.

Most of the Greek Cypriots have no idea on what happened in Cyprus between 1964 and 1974. They think suddenly Turkey decided to send her troops to Cyprus and the invasion started.

Only before 49 years the island of Cyprus was under the Greek Army sent from Greece. A division, consisted of 20 thousand troops sent to the island by the General Staff of Greece on April 1964, as recorded in the official documents and January 1, according to eye witnesses.

The officers, sergeants and privates of this division, constituted the core of the Cyprus Greek National Guards (Ethniki Fruro) and the high ranking officers the top level.

The Cyprus Greek contingents attacked to Kokkinos on August 1964 and to Kofinie on November 1967 under the command of General Grivas were mainly consisted of the troops send from Greece.

The book titled WAR OF CYPRUS (Η ΜΑΧΗ ΤΗΣ ΚΥΠΡΟΥ) written by Brigadier General (retired) Giorgios Sergis (ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ ΣΕΡΓΗΣ) and printed by Mallaris Printers, discloses the document sealed as TOP SECRET and released by General Staff of Greece, details the transportation of 9563 officer, sergeant and privates, 4252 tons of ammunition and 4236 tons of arms to Cyprus. This document reveals only the figures transported during the year 1964. In the years 1965 and 1966 some more reinforcement were sent to the island by the mainland Greece.

This document in original Greek text can be found, inspected and downloaded at

I shall continue to disclose additional documents from time to time proving and showing the invasion of the Island of Cyprus by Greece during 1964 to 1967....